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What is Horse Insurance

April 13th, 2011 by instut

Horse insurance is the insurance that is placed on a horse’s life. This is not used in horses that are simply used on the farm for show or for fun. This type of insurance is placed on those horses that are used for breeding purposes, to race and are basically show horses. The reason is that these horses go through a lot of money of their lifetime in terms of vaccinations, making sure that they are in good health, training and so forth. Thus, the owners of these horses have a sizeable chunk of money that is invested into these horses. And when the person considers that some of these race or show horses are worth well over a million dollars, it pays to be protected should the horse be involved in an accident or develop a problem that is going to end their life.

Those that have this type of insurance are covering the horse much as health and life insurance covers people. They are going to have a policy that allows them to get the routine care and health provided for lower amounts based off of their monthly payment that they make. However, they also have life insurance on these horses in the event that they do die. How are the limits proven on horses that die? Most time than not, the company takes into consideration what the net worth of the horse is. Those owners that do have their horse become injured or it dies, usually take this money and invest it back into turning out another winning horse on the market.

Is this type of coverage necessary for horses to have? If the horse is considered to be one of the greatest in their racing or showing career, then the owners are going to be more protected if they do have some sort of coverage there. These coverages are not cheap by any means, however, most people find that they are worth paying it in order to know that they have peace of mind should something happen to the horse. After all, the majority of people that get this making their income off of their horses.

Finding the insurance is not going to be hard as there are many companies that specializes in offering insurance for horses. Those that make their livelihood off of their champion horse need to consider where they would be should something happen to the horse. In most cases, they then see why they should have this coverage.

Why Purchase Pet Insurance

April 13th, 2011 by instut

Pet insurance is something that is taking on a new meaning in today’s time with people finding that the cost of having a pet is almost as much as a child with all the veterinarian bills that are piling up for the pet owner, not to mention that those that take their pets to be groomed frequently. However, there is a bit of light at the end of tunnel for those that have pet insurance because this is allowing them to give their pet a good quality of life without having to go bankrupt in the process of doing so. So why should a person buy pet insurance?

For one, this is going to allow them to have discounts off of routine examinations and vaccination that they are going to need for the pet. This is especially useful for those that have new pets that are young since the first year of life is when the vaccinations are going to amount up to a lot of money in the long run.

Secondly, those that have pet insurance are going to find that they may come as the first patient that the vet will see when it comes down to a scheduling conflict. The reason is that the vet knows that they are going to be paid since they will dealing with an insurance company. And more times than not, the person is going to find that they purchase their insurance for their pets directly from the vet.

For those that value their pet as a member of the family, then they may go to all lengths in order to make sure that the pet stays alive and well. For those times in which a pet meets an unfortunate accident, this could result in the person spending thousands of dollars on procedures to save their pet’s life. When this happens, the person is going to be glad that they have the pet insurance in order to help them through with the payments and total out of pocket expense.

This pet insurance is going to be just like any other type of insurance, which means that the person will pay a monthly premium and when they are at the vet with the pet, they are going to pay a deductible. However, when it comes down to it, for those that are not wanting to spend tons of money, yet still want to make sure that the pet is getting everything that they can, then the use of pet insurance is vital.